Muay Thai: The Complete Guide to Protective Gear

Muay Thai is widely known as one of the world's premier martial arts. Originating in Thailand, Muay Thai has been famously dubbed 'the art of eight limbs' due to the vast range of fist, elbow, knee and shin attacks it incorporates. Prominent martial artists such as, Australian Muay Thai world champion John Wayne Parr and Brazillian UFC legend José Aldo, are both elite Muay Thai practitioners who have reached the pinnacle of combat sports by mastering the art. Regardless of who the practitioner is, one thing every fighter needs when training Muay Thai is protection. Whether it's for competition or training, having quality protective gear is often the difference between suffering an injury or staying healthy. Throughout this post, we'll explain our trusted range of protective gear that will ensure you can train and compete safely.

The Essentials

Hand Wraps

Before you ever place a pair of gloves on, it is extremely important to wrap your hands. Hand wraps can effectively absorb the shock received when throwing a punch and distribute it safely across your lower arm. Without the use of hand wraps, your wrists, joints and knuckles are all at risk of injury. Here at Fight Gear Direct, we have several quality hand wraps that come in many unique colours and materials.

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Similarly to hand wraps, gloves are essential when protecting your hands and wrists from the impact of a punch. Whether it's competing, training or doing bag work, gloves help strengthen your hand and allow you to connect with power when punching. Our store offers many different gloves made by some of the most trusted brands in combat sports including, Fairtex and Punch Equipment. We have many styles, colours and sizes of gloves (8 oz - 16 oz) that help provide our customers with an authentic experience.

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Protective Training Wear

Head Gear

Many of the world's best Muay Thai fighters spar during their training regime. Sparring is a great way to prepare for or simulate a fight and can also be used to try different techniques. While sparring is a great way to simulate the experience of a fight, it can be dangerous if you aren't wearing the correct protective gear. Any strike to the head can leave you feeling dazed or sore, regardless of what speed or level of power it was thrown at. For this reason alone, purchasing head gear is a necessity when taking your training to the next level. Fight Gear Direct has a great line of protective headgear that will ensure your head is protected. Much like our other products, there are many styles and sizes (Small to Extra Large) of head gear fitted to suit you.

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Shin Pads

Wearing shin pads is essential when sparring, performing bag work and practising kicking techniques. Shin pads can prevent you from several lower leg and foot injuries when practising kicks. At our store, we offer customers a variety of shin pads that are designed to last and absorb the shock felt when kicking or receiving a kick. These pads come in many colours and sizes that range from small to extra large.

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Belly Pads

Using belly pads is very important when coaching or helping a friend do pad work. Many Muay Thai practitioners like to practice kicks or knees to the body during training so it is important for the trainer holding the pads for them to be protected. Even the slightest of kicks or knee to the torso can inflict damage your ribs or stomach which is why you'd rather have the padding than being exposed. We have an excellent range of belly pads that will keep your body protected from stray kicks and knees. Our belly pads also come in different colours and have adjustable velcro straps to ensure a comfortable fit.

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Thai Pads

Much like belly pads, Thai pads are a necessity for trainers. Whenever you are doing pad work, you must keep your hands protected from the person you are training with. Thai pads are great for absorbing the shock felt from elbows and punches during training. They are suitable for combination strikes too as they allow for quick hand movements and have thick padding that protects against powerful shots. We have a selection of quality Thai pads at Fight Gear Direct that are authentic and come from several trusted brands.

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Kick Shields

Kick Shields are another form of protective wear that is necessary for all trainers to use when practising knees and kicks. Leg strikes can be extremely powerful which is why trainers need a solid barrier between them and the fighter whenever kicks or knees are being thrown. It is beneficial for the fighter too, as kick shields provide a softer surface than heavy bags which can damage your legs if they are kicked incorrectly. Here at Fight Gear Direct, we have several kick shields designed to protect both the fighter and trainer during practice. There are many styles and colours we have in stock so be sure to check them out.

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Competitive Gear

Mouth Guards

In most parts of the world, Muay Thai fighters aren't allowed to compete without the use of mouth guards. Mouth guards are essential when protecting your teeth and mouth from any form of strike. During a competitive match, your opponent will be throwing shots with the intent to inflict damage and win meaning you must protect yourself from serious injuries. At Fight Gear Direct we take competitive gear seriously which is why we have several mouthguards from many trusted brands. Each of our mouthguards come with a casing and a universal size (for adults) that is designed to mould to the shape of your teeth.

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Groin Guards

Being on the receiving end of an incidental groin strike during a match can be seriously painful and without protection, debilitating. Protecting your groin is a necessity during a fight as we all need to protect the parts that are most vulnerable to us and ensure we don't have long-lasting damage. Our store has many groin guards all of which have been supplied by trusted brands and made from quality protective materials.

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