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Need some quality shin pads for your Muay Thai, Boxing or MMA training? We carry specialist Muay Thai shin pads, Boxing shin pads, MMA shin pads and more, in a range of sizes and colours for beginners through to advanced fighters.

We also stock top brands for shin pads in Australia, from Fairtex shin pads to Twins Special shin pads, Punch Equipment shin pads and more. Don’t settle for less - get GENUINE shin pads from the best brands to bring your training to the next level.

Shin pads provide solid protection for the shins during sparring, tough bag work and other workouts, as well as competition in boxing or Muay Thai.  In particular, if you have past shin injuries or sensitive shins in some way, Shin Pads are a fantastic way to protect yourself and get piece of mind while still operating at peak performance in your boxing or Muay Thai.

We stock a range of brands, colours and sizes, with shin pads to suit everybody from beginners to intermediate, to professionals and beyond.  All our shin pads are made from the highest quality materials, by experts in boxing and Muay Thai, so you can feel safe and protected while improving your fitness, technique and endurance. 

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We stock a wide variety of shin pads for Australia. Australian owned and with quality support backed by real humans, our range of shin pads from Fairtex, Twins Special, Punch Equipment and more, includes top sellers such as the ever-popular Fairtex Competition Shin Pads (SP5) and Fairtex Detachable In-Step Shin Guards (SP7) models, as well as Twins Special MMA / Muay Thai / Kickboxing Shin Pads (SGL-10) and more.