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Need a skipping rope for great cardio fitness on-the-fly, that goes wherever you go?  Check out our skipping ropes below.  Suitable for boxing training, MMA training, Muay Thai training and more, our skipping ropes will have you upping your cardio game in no time. 

Need quick, portable, cardio that can push you to the limit? Skipping ropes can be a fabulous tool for improving boxing fitness, whether for boxing itself, Muay Thai, classes, MMA or other sports. Skipping ropes are super lightweight, portable, can be easily fit into a gym bag (or a suitcase!) and are also a very affordable piece of cardio equipment. 

Boxers love skipping ropes -- with many Muay Thai practicioners using them regularly as a form of cardio.  In addition to being a regular piece of equipment available in gyms and boxing classes, skipping ropes are a valuable addition to any home gym or portable gym bag for training with friends or at the park. 

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