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Australia's #1 Genuine Fight Gear Store.

Carry your boxing, Muay Thai or MMA gear in style with a purpose-built gym bag. Our range includes Fairtex Gym bags and Punch Equipment Gym bags, and we offer a range of colours and models to suit you.  GENUINE gear at exceptional prices - trusted by the best. Australian-owned. Buy online with fast shipping and our no-hassle money-back guarantee, backed by top service from real humans.

Look stylish and stay organised when carrying your gym gear, with a gym bag from one of our premium quality range. Whether you're carrying boxing gloves, shoes, muay thai gear, a spare pair of hand wraps you always take to a class, or other gym gear, a purpose-designed gym bag will help you keep everything together. No more throwing 10 things individually into the car or a random backpack you use for other things (like studying, work or some other purpose). 

Many serious boxers, athletes and muay thai enthusiasts love having a dedicated bag for their gym gear to keep everything in one place and look professional when attending an event, a class, or simply training with friends. Our gym bags are purpose-designed for boxing gear, with various pockets, compartments and sizes depending on the model you choose. 

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Gym bags help you keep your gear organised, easy to use, minimise time you spend looking for lots of things around the house, and keep everything in one place. Having a specific bag for the gym is also favoured by many, due to hygiene reasons -- after a good, sweaty workout, you can throw everything in the one gym bag, rather than into another bag or backpack you might use for other purposes (work, study, etc.).

We offer a range of high-quality bags guaranteed to help you stay organised and look great on your way to the gym, a class, or training with a trainer or a friend.