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Quality speed balls to suit boxing, MMA and Muay Thai training.  Add a speed ball to your training or coaching repertoire, to increase fitness, improve punch speed and hone accuracy during your training.  GENUINE gear at exceptional prices - trusted by the best. Australian-owned. Buy online with fast shipping and our no-hassle money-back guarantee, backed by top service from real humans.

Speed balls are a fantastic way of upping your punching accuracy, speed and endurance when training for Muay Thai, boxing, MMA and more.  Also used for general fitness - and because they are very fun to hit - speed balls are a regular addition to gyms, boxing classes and even home gyms (as they can be affixed to a wall).

For serious fighters and those who train just for fitness, fun, and with friends, speed balls can be a great way to really hone your skills and improve the quality of your punches, as well as creating a fun drill that everyone can get involved in during a class. 

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Muay Thai practitioners, boxers and MMA fighters love speedballs due to:

  • Their flexibility - can be placed in a large variety of environments
  • Training – a solid way to increase your speed, coordination (since the speed ball bounces back at you automatically) and power
  • Fun! Put simply, they are fun to hit, whether you're a professional, training for a fight, or simply training for fun and fitness.

See our range of speed balls above (various colours available) to add this valuable piece of equipment to your gym or home training equipment.