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Protect yourself in style with our range of quality Thai pads for your Muay Thai, Boxing or MMA training. We carry Fairtex and Punch Equipment Thai pads, in a range of sizes and colours for beginners through to advanced fighters.

Thai pads are a rectangular shaped piece of equipment for boxing and Muay Thai - with the trainer (or friend!) holding the Thai Pad securely via the loops on the back - whilst the boxer punches, kicks and performs other moves to train their skills and fitness.

The straps on the back of the Thai pads allow the holder to take the brunt of the hit with the forearm, making it easier to absorb the blow (compared with other equipment such as kick shields).

Thai pads are mostly used to hone kicks and strikes, and can be a great tool for improving accuracy, technique, endurance and overall fitness. Not to mention - as the pads take the brunt of the force, they can be very fun to use as the training partner can really unless the full force of a kick or punch, without fear of hurting the training partner. 

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Choose from our selection of Thai pads for Australia. Australian owned and with quality support backed by a caring customer service team, our range of Thai pads by Fairtex and Punch Equipment will help you bring your training game to the next level.