Glove Buying & Sizing Guide

Getting the right Boxing Glove for You
At Fight Gear Direct we can help you choose the right glove for your needs, whether you’re a beginner or a more serious fighter! Our large, diverse range of boxing gloves cater to men, women, kids, beginners, bag work training, muay thai enthusiasts, kickboxing and more!

Please only use the below tips and sizing for a GUIDE ONLY.

What are the different types of Boxing Gloves?
Firstly, you have gloves for just basic training and fitness. These are usually bag gloves or training gloves. These are designed for beginners that train once or twice a week. They won’t need an expensive glove and the type of glove will depend on the type of training.

Next, you have more advanced gloves for hitting punching bags and sparring. These need to provide excellent protection of your hands during this type of training. So you’ll be looking at a mid-priced glove and it will need a decent amount of padding.

For sparring, we always recommend 14oz and up as the best weight.

Then we go to fighting gloves. These can be lace-ups if preferred or just normal gloves. A fighting glove will usually come in a lighter weight, such as 8oz or 10oz.

Lastly, you have professional boxing gloves. These come at a premium price but are well worth the price tag. They’re designed for heavy hitters and will need to be well designed for training multiple times per week.

Glove Weights and Sizing
Our range of boxing gloves come in a variety of different weight sizes. A rule of thumb is the heavier the glove, the harder the workout will be:
  • 6/8 oz gloves: Suitable for a very light cardio workout
  • 10 oz gloves: Suitable for a light cardio workout
  • 12 oz gloves: Suitable for a medium cardio workout
  • 14 oz gloves: Suitable for a medium to intense cardio workout – muscle development may occur!
  • 16 oz gloves: 16 oz gloves are great for sparring and give the best cardio workout.
Please take the above tips as exactly that; tips. Please do your own due diligence when looking at buying gloves. If you're ever unsure about the right boxing glove to buy please contact us.