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Up your training game with quality kick shields from Punch Equipment. Suitable for MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing training, stay strong and improve your fitness with a range of colours and sizes.  Free shipping under 2KGs and backed by high-quality support from real humans.

Kick shields are designed to help you get the most out of tough training.  Practicing hard kicks is essential for improving your technique and fitness, as well as increasing your endurance... but you also don't want to hurt, injure, or annoy your training partner or your coach. Enter kick shields.  Kick shields help keep your training partner protected, while at the same time allowing you to really throw full force into every kick. 

Our kick shields are designed by the best -- tried and tested on thousands of boxers and Muay Thai fighters -- to help you bring your training to the next level. We offer a range of sizes, models and colours to suit any style and level.  See our range of top-quality kick shields below to gear up on an extremely useful, practical and fun piece of equipment for your boxing or Muay Thai training. 

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Boxing and Muay Thai kick shields are a fun piece of gear that can also help you improve the intensity, force and endurance of your training sessions. Kick harder without hurting (or bugging!) your training partner. Designed to be very comfortable to hold for long periods of time, while also absorbing the brunt of your hard kicks, your training partner will love helping you with a kick shield. For you as the boxer, you'll love the extra ability kick shields bring to the training session, allowing you to train harder for longer and increase your performance.