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Protect your hands and ensure they stay safe, with quality band wraps for boxing, Muay Thai and MMA training.  A great match with our growing range of boxing gloves, hand wraps are an essential for ensuring your hands, knuckles and fists stay safe during your training.

If you visit any Muay Thai gym in Thailand, hand wraps are one of the first things they will give (lend) you when you start your first session. They're an imperative part of boxing, and especially of Muay Thai, designed to keep your hands protected, while allowing you to really give your full force during training sessions.

Refined during thousands of iterations, testing lots of different materials, strengths, thicknesses and stretches, our top-quality hand wraps are purpose-designed to help you get the best out of your boxing and Muay Thai sessions.  We stock a range of colours to suit your existing gym gear and gloves.  See our range of hand wraps below. 

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Boxing hand wraps are crucial for any boxer -- especially in the Muay Thai arena -- by helping protect your hands during sparring, bag work or competition.  Many of our customers like to have a few spare pairs of hand wraps in their gym bag or at home, to build up a 'rotation'. This makes it super easy from a hygiene perspective, as well as convenient - no more rummaging around the closet or in a gym bag to find your one pair of hand wraps.  Stocking up on a few makes it easy to always have some top-quality hand wraps at the ready.