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Boxing Gloves Fairtex Black BGV1Genuine Black Fairtex Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai Kickboxing Front and Back
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Fairtex Boxing Gloves (BGV1)
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Fairtex Wraps Olive GreenFairtex Hand Wraps Black
Fairtex Handwraps HW2
Sale price$24.95 Regular price$29.95
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Fairtex SP5 Shin Pads Small Kids BlackFairtex Competition Shin Pads
Fairtex Shin Guards SP5
Sale price$129.95
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Fairtex Mouth GuardBoxing & MMA Mouth Guard
Fairtex Mouth Guard (MG3)
Sale price$39.95
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Fairtex Ankle Support Personal Protective Equipments Personal Protective Equipments Fairtex Ankle Support Black
Fairtex Ankle Supports - AS1
Sale price$39.95
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Pastel Blue Fairtex Boxing Gloves Fairtex Boxing Gloves Pastel Blue
Fairtex Pastel Blue boxing Gloves (BGV20)
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Fairtex Gym Bag BlackFairtex Black Gym Bag
Fairtex Gym Bag - Black (BAG2)
Sale price$149.00 Regular price$159.95
Fairtex KPLC5 Thai Pads AustraliaFairtex KPLC5 Thai Pads
Fairtex BGV16 Boxing Gloves 10 oz Fairtex Leather BGV16 Boxing Gloves 10oz
Fairtex Leather Boxing Gloves (BGV16)
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BGV16 8oz Fairtex Leather Boxing Gloves Leather Boxing Gloves Fairtex BGV16 10oz
Fairtex Leather Boxing Gloves (BGV16)
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Fairtex HB7 Heavy Bag blackFairtex Heavy Bag Red
Fairtex Punching Bag HB7 7ft Heavy Duty
Sale price$299.00
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Satoru Black Shorts Collection  Black Fairtex Fight Shorts
Muay Thai Shorts - BS1912 "Kabuki"
Sale price$74.00
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Shin Guards for Martial ArtsFairtex Detachable In Step Shin Guards SP7 Shin Pads
Fairtex Detachable In-Step Shin Guards (SP7)
Sale priceFrom $134.95
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Fairtex Gym Bag (BAG2)Fairtex Gym Bag (BAG2)
Fairtex Gym Bag (BAG2)
Sale price$149.00
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  • Why buy Fairtex?
    • Fairtex was founded in 1958 and has been a leader in combat sports gear. They have spent over 60 years creating some of the highest quality equipment from boxing gloves, punching bags and more! Since 2010 they have been the official gloves partner of number 1 Asian MMA Organisation One FC making Fairtex MMA Gear extremely popular amongst the MMA scene. Fairtex is one of the most trusted brands in Muay Thai, MMA and boxing and it’s easy to see why!
  • What are the costs of Fairtex gear?
    • You get what you pay for when it comes to equipment. When you purchase a Fairtex product you know you are getting your hands on some of the world’s best combat sports gear! You can find a pair of their gloves for $130 and up to $170. Other popular products are also their kick pads which range from $185 to $239. As for punching bags, they sit between the $185 to $279 mark. Whilst these may be steeper than other brands, trust that they’ll withstand the most gruelling training conditions for the long haul.
  • What are the types of Fairtex equipment?
    • Fairtex have grown to serve multiple combat sports disciplines. Their most well-known products are their boxing gloves, punching bags, shin guards, kick pads and belly pads. Their range has grown in recent years also including, ankle supports, gym bags, hand wraps, head gear, MMA gloves, skipping ropes and much more! Check out their full range here.
  • What is the most popular Fairtex gear? 
    • Gloves without a doubt! Fairfax built a reputation for innovation, quality and design which dates back to 1958. Most high-level Muay Thai fighters also choose to use Fairtex shorts due to their stitching and comfort.
  • What is the quality and durability like of Fairtex gloves?
    • Fairtex gloves are some of the most well-made boxing gloves on the market. Their quality is second to none and they are built to last. If you are looking for a pair of gloves that will stand up to the rigors of training and competition, then Fairtex is a great choice. their gloves are handmade and use only the highest quality materials. So, you can be sure that your Fairtex gloves will last for many years to come. Fairtex also offers a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, so you can find a pair that suits your taste. Whether you are looking for a classic black pair or something more flashy, Fairtex has you covered. So, if you are in the market for a new pair of boxing gloves, be sure to check out Fairtex.
  • What size and weight Fairtex gloves should you get?
    • Fairtex gloves come in 12, 14, 16, and 18 oz options. The weight you choose should be based on your boxing style and the regulations of the organization you are fighting in. For instance, if you have a lot of power in your punches, you will want to choose a heavier glove so that you can do more damage to your opponent. If you are fighting in an organization with lighter gloves, then Fairtex's 12 oz gloves would be a good option for you. It is important to remember that the size and weight of your gloves should be based on your individual fighting style and the rules of the organization you are competing in. Fairtex offers a variety of options to make sure that you have the right gloves for your next fight.




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