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Quality punching bags to suit boxing, MMA and Muay Thai training.  We offer stand-alone, free-standing punching bags, tear drop punching bags and more, from quality brands to bring your training to the next level.

Punching bags are especially useful in a home scenario (home gym or garage gym), as well as being used extensively in gyms across the country. There are various types of punching bags available - those that can be hung from a wall, hung from the ceiling, and 'dummy' type punching bags which are sturdy and can be rested / placed on the floor and filled with sand or water to create the perfect stability for punching and kicking.

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We stock punching bags from a range of brands including Punch Equipment, Fairtex and Twins Special. Whether you're training for an event, for fun, or for fitness (or maybe all of the above!), punching bags and dummies can be a fantastic way to improve your skills, accuracy and cardiovascular endurance through punching, kicking, uppercuts and other boxing techniques.


Boxers and trainers alike love boxing bags for:

  • Sparring practice - practicing for the next round and/or a specific opponent to hone your technique
  • Fitness - belting out a certain amount of reps, punches, kicks, hooks or uppercuts to increase your fitness
  • Endurance training - getting 'match-fit' but increasing your ability to last a longer period.  Gradually building up to longer-lasting endurance which helps during longer fights
  • Honing technique - repetition of a particular technique to enhance a strength of eliminate a weakness until you no longer need to think about it
  • Self-practice - as using a boxing bag doesn't (necessarily) require a trainer to be there in person, the athlete can practice on their own for as long as they like