The Origins Of Muay Thai
The stadium was steaming. Small though it was, the atmosphere was electric - the crowd, hundreds-strong, yearning to see the first punch thrown. Years of training, months of promotion, weeks of build-up: the big night was now here, the first...
The Essential Products for Mastering Muay Thai
Today we’re going to over the essential gear types you need for Muay Thai, as well as our top picks for which brand is best for each category.  So without further ado, let’s start! Essentials – Don’t Even Start Without...
How to Pick the Best Boxing Gloves
So you’re interested in entering the Boxing/Muay Thai World, and you’re wondering which boxing gloves to buy.  You search a little and find that there are more options and factors to consider than you ever dreamed. Don’t worry; we’re here to help!  We’ll take all those choices and break them down into a few bite-sized pieces that are easy to consider.
Best Sellers Of 2019: Muay Thai and Boxing Gear
Which Muay Thai and Boxing gear is most popular in Australia? For Muay Thai and boxing enthusiasts, there is so much gear on the market, and it can be tough to know which Muay Thai gloves, Boxing Gloves, protective gear...
The Best Fit: Bag vs Sparring Gloves
Bag training and sparring are two important parts of boxing and each need their own dedicated type of glove.  Learn about each type and how they are different.
Where to Find Reputable Brands of Boxing Gloves in Australia?
Bboxing is considered as a way to improve body fitness, rather than just as a martial art practiced for fights and competitions. Today the martial art is practiced by both men and women equally. Most individuals are including a martial art as a part of their workout schedule to promote health and to stay fit.
Why Punch Boxing Gloves are the Best ?- A Review
Punch Equipment is famous for manufacturing fighting equipment and accessories and is one of the reputed brands available on the market today. They produce a variety of fight equipment for training sessions...
Why are Twins Boxing Gloves Popular among Beginners and Professionals?
A good pair of boxing gloves can offer excellent protection for wrists and knuckles. It is evident that gloves made of high-quality material not only provide extra protection but also last longer than inferior quality ones...
Review of the Best Thai Pad brands on the Market
Thai pads are a significant piece of equipment when it comes to boxing. These are used in the training that involve kicks and knees. Thai pads are essential pieces of striking sessions in class and are generally held by members by other members during training sessions.
Why are Fairtex, Twins Special and Punch Equipment Muay Thai gloves best on the market?
Muay Thai is a form of martial art that is practiced from ancient times where fists, elbows, shins, and knees are used for striking. Hence body protection is crucial for practicing this martial art....
Review of Fairtex Shin Guards
Fairtex is one of the most reputable manufacturers of fight equipment for Muay Thai. The products are manufactured in Thailand and are reputed for manufacturing quality products for nearly five decades now.