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Australia's #1 Genuine Fight Gear Store.

Get quality, affordable TKO gear for boxing and Muay Thai.  From hand wraps, shin guards and boxing gloves to accessories like shipping ropes, ankle supports and muay thai shorts, browse our range below to up your training game.

Made in Thailand by Thai experts focused on Muay Thai, Total Knockout (TKO) gear is reputed for its high quality, unique design and affordable price tag. 

Choose from a range of Muay Thai hand wraps, Muay Thai Shin Guards, Muay Thai Boxing Gloves, Muay Thai Shorts, Muay Thai Ankle Supports, skipping ropes and more, to help you up your Muay Thai game, hone your endurance and improve your technique.



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Muay Thai Shorts, Muay Thai leather boxing gloves, Muay Thai Shin Guards and more from TKO brand.  GENUINE gear at exceptional prices - trusted by the best. Australian-owned. Buy online with fast shipping and our no-hassle money-back guarantee, backed by top service from real humans.