Fairtex Bag Review: Should You Buy Fairtex Bags?

Fairtex Bag Review: Should You Buy Fairtex Bags?

When it comes to really great quality training gear for combat sports, Fairtex is the one that stands out amongst the rest. Well-known for their high-quality and durable equipment, they have always catered for the needs that martial arts enthusiasts require. Fairtex bags are one of their most sought out products from their range by fighters all over the world. This review gives you an in depth review on their bags range and why they might be the perfect addition to your fight regimen. 

Why Are Fairtex Bags So Good?

Fairtex has a well-known reputation in the fighting sports industry, and produces some of the best martials arts gear on the market. Fairtex bags are so good because they offer a range of high-quality bags that are handmade with the high level of craftsmanship in Thailand.

1. Genuine Fairtex Quality for Long Lasting Use

All Fairtex bags are designed and made with durability and longevity in mind, crafted from materials that withstand rigorous training sessions in the gym with daily use. Those who purchase Fairtex bags can expect to have it for a very long time thanks to its quality. 

2. Made from Syntek Leather to Prevent Tearing

Fairtex makes their bags using a Syntek Leather, which is specially designed to withstand any conditions with maximum strength and durability. Synthetic leather resists tearing and can be striked at and kicked everyday and will still maintain its shape and form. 

3. Perfect Length to Practice Lower and Upper Strikes

Fairtex bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for strikes, low and high kicks, punches from all angles which makes them perfect for versatile training with all kinds of people.

4. Made in Thailand, the Home of Martial Arts Fighting

Originating from Thailand, Martial arts is rich in history and culture with the country being renowned for the sport and the gear that comes with it. Fairtex bags carry a significant legacy in the sport, as Thailand brings in lots of enthusiasts each year looking to train and compete in Muay Thai gyms with the world's best fighters. 

What Are the Cons?

When there are pros, there will always be some cons. So, here are the drawbacks to keep in mind when purchasing a Fairtex bag: 

  1. Most of the Bags Don’t Come Filled: Purchasing an unfilled bag can be one of the most annoying things to happen when you buy bags, as it will require you to purchase the materials to fill it yourself which can be expensive and time consuming.
  2. Limited Shape Variety: Right now we currently stock one type of teardrop-shaped bag, which might not be of value to fighters who prefer these over traditional ‘banana’ shaped bags. 

How Heavy Should a Fairtex Bag Be?

The weight of your Fairtex bag will depend on the kind of training you find yourself doing. Usually a heavier bag is used when doing any kind of strength training and improving the power in your striking and kicking. Whereas, a lighter bag is best for speed and technique drills and training. 

Our Top Picks!

Fairtex Heavy Punching Bag - 6ft 'Banana' (HB6)

Due to its length, this bag is perfect for a variety of strikes of all nature, and has been our top selling bag for the last 2 years! 


Fairtex Heavy Punching Bag - 6ft 'Banana' (HB6)


Fairtex Super Tear Drop Heavy Punching Bag (HB15)

This bag is great for beginners all the way to seasoned pros looking to improve their technique with a longer bag that offers more surface area to strike. 


Fairtex Super Tear Drop Heavy Punching Bag (HB15)


Fairtex Punching Bag HB7 7ft Heavy Duty

This bag is awesome for clinch practice and uppercuts as the teardrop form mimics your opponents body, which helps create a more realistic environment for training.


Fairtex HB7 Heavy Bag black


Fairtex Extra Large HB3 XL Heavy Boxing Bag

This is a heavier and bigger bag, and can carry a high weight load, making it the perfect tool for intense training with lots of striking power and might. 


Fairtex Extra Large Heavy Bag


Lastly, if you’ve been searching the web for a super durable, reliable brand that has products that can withstand any kind of environment you put it in, then Fairtex is the one for you. Fairtex bags have been around for years and are tried, tested and absolutely loved by fighters all over the world. The product reviews speak for themselves. Whether you are a seasoned pro or someone just getting into martial arts, Fairtex bags are with the investment.