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Australia's #1 Genuine Fight Gear Store.

Fairtex Gym Bags are designed to allow you to carry large amounts of gear, while still looking great on your way in to the gym.

Limited time offer: Get $20 Off a Fairtex Gym Bag when buy 2 or more pairs of boxing gloves. Simply add 2 or more gloves to your cart. Then add a Fairfax Bag and you’ll get $20 off automatically. 

Fairtex is one of the most trusted, most popular and most loved brands in the boxing and Muay Thai world today.  Not only do they make fabulous gloves and other gear, but also fantastic gym bags for you to hold, organise and carry your boxing gear to and from the gym, the park, or wherever you train.  

Not only will you look great and travel in style, but since these bags are purpose-designed for boxing gear, with a range of features (think pockets, zips etc., depending on the model), they'll help you stay neat and organised.

Our customers also love gym bags from a hygiene perspective, as it's easier to keep any sweaty workout gear in one place.. rather than in a work bag, study bag etc. that might also be used for other purposes.

See below for our range of Fairtex gym bags to help you keep your gear neat, transport it easily and look great along the way. 

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Fairtex Gym Bags provide comfort, style and convenience. Designed by boxing and Muay Thai experts, these bags help serious boxers stay organised and keep their gear in top-quality condition.