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Strengthen your training with Fairtex’ top quality, famous boxing gloves for Muay Thai, Boxing, and more. Don't risk imposters - we stock only GENUINE Fairtex boxing gloves for Australia. Handmade in Thailand so you get what the professionals use, we have Fairtex boxing gloves in a range of sizes, for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Fairtex boxing gloves started it all. Coming from the home of Muay Thai (Thai boxing), Fairtex create top-quality boxing gloves, loved by real fighters the world over. With a premium, contoured fit, excellent padding for extra comfort and protection, as well as a range of styles to suit any taste, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or expert fighter, you're likely to love Fairtext boxing gloves. We ship Australia-wide and are backed by a team of real humans who really care about top-notch service. Delivering Fairtex gloves which are handmade in Thailand, see our range below if you're considering Fairtex for your next boxing or Muay Thai investment.

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We stock the full range of Fairtex boxing gloves for Australia. Australian owned and with quality support backed by real humans, our range of boxing gloves from Fairtex spans from the best selling F-Day Green Army Boxing Gloves (BGV11), to Fairtex Muay Thai boxing gloves handmade in Thailand (BGV1), Fairtex leather boxing gloves (BGV16) and much more.