How to clean boxing gloves

We all love that fresh glove smell when we open our brand new pair of boxing gloves, from Fight Gear Direct.

But if we don’t keep our gloves clean, they can quickly become the smelliest items in your training bag. You don’t want to be that person with gross gloves. Not only is it a little embarrassing to have smelly gloves but it also is a hygiene and health risk. Look after your gloves!

Here at Fight Gear Direct we’ve put together a list of things you can do to keep your gloves in top condition!

Air them out ASAP

The last thing you want to do is keep your boxing gloves in your training bag overnight after using them. As soon as you get home, take your gloves out and open them up overnight. Placing them in front of a fan will help too. Side note - they shouldn’t live in the boot of your car!

Spray them with disinfectant spray

You sweat in your gloves, so you want to make sure bacteria doesn’t build up. Spray the inside with a disinfectant spray. A quick tip, leave a can of disinfectant spray in your bag.

Maintain good hand hygiene

You know the drill. Simple yet effective. Sanitise your hands and ensure they’re clean, before and after each session.

Keep silica gel packs handy

You know those non-toxic silica gel packets you find inside some newly purchased clothes and your favourite pre work outs? Instead of throwing them away, keep them and chuck them into your gloves after each use. These absorb moisture, so they will keep your gloves dryer for longer.

Get yourself a pair of hand wraps

Where does the sweat come from? It comes from our hands. You can prevent this by getting yourself a pair of cotton inners. These are great to keep your gloves cleaner for longer. A better option would be to get yourself a pair of hand wraps. These won’t only protect your gloves from sweat but they will also add that needed support to let you train harder for longer.

No Sharing

Lastly, we see this happen too much at gyms. People sharing gloves. We understand that when you first try out a class, you may need to borrow a pair of gloves that belong to the gym (this is when those cotton inners come in handy). But once you’re a member, the first thing you should do is look at getting your own gloves. Ask yourself, how many people have used those gloves before you? Even with proper cleaning, it’s best you get your own!


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