5 Must-have Items to Improve Your Boxing Game

Getting better at boxing requires more than just a pair of gloves. 

Don’t get me wrong - a good set of gloves will help, but there’s also more to it.

We have put together 5 must-have items to improve your boxing game. Check them out below!

1. Heavy Punching Bag

You have learnt the techniques in class, and now want to practice at home. The Heavy Punching Bag is a great piece of equipment to help you with your timing, technique and power. 

You also don’t have to bother your roommate or significant other to hold pads for you every time you want to train. The Heavy Punching Bag is always there for you when you need it.

2. Focus Mitts

If you can convince your roommate or significant other to hold Focus Mitts for you, you have struck gold!

Focus Mitts let you work on combinations, and also your reaction time, as the pad holder moves with you.

These are always a handy item to keep in your training bag. You never know when you’ll need to pull them out for some rounds with your training partner!

3. Skipping Ropes

No matter how good your technique is, it is all out the window without good cardio! 

Add in just 5 minutes of skipping before every boxing session and we guarantee your overall training experience will improve. 

Increasing cardio will allow you to put more focus on your technique as you become more efficient and fit.

Plus, if you have a few extra kgs to lose, skipping will do the trick!

4. Hand Wraps

Protect your hands! 

Many people, when they start training, tend to have the same issues…hand injuries. 

This is because they think that all they need is a cheap pair of boxing gloves to get started, without anything else.

A GOOD pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps are a must. From the person doing their first ever session to a professional fighter with years of experience, gloves and hand wraps should always be in your gym bag.

Hand wraps will protect your hands, knuckles and add much needed support to your wrist. 

5. Boxing Gloves

Of course we couldn’t leave out the actual boxing gloves themselves. 

When a lot of people start boxing, they think they should get a cheap pair of gloves and work their way up to the pricier, high quality pairs.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Good quality gloves will not only last much longer than the cheaper pairs (saving you money in the long run), but they will also look after your hands, letting you train harder for longer.

Get yourself one good pair of boxing gloves that will last, rather than 5 cheap, low quality gloves that will leave your hands begging for mercy after only a few months of use.


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