The Top 5 Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

The Top 5 Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

It doesn’t matter if you train occasionally or are a seasoned and passionate Muay Thai connoisseur. The one thing everyone looks out for are quality Muay Thai Boxing Gloves.

When it comes to the best, we look into the big names like Fairtex, Arwut, RDX, Twins Special and more. At Fight Gear Direct we’ve sussed out the top-selling brands and found the top 5 gloves for you!


  1.  Fairtex 'Tight-Fit' Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Not only are these Fairtex’s best selling boxing glove. They are also the most featured Fairtex glove in competition, and for good reason!

Available from 8oz to 16oz, these gloves have a signature three-layered foam system, meaning they are great for knuckle protection and shock dispersement.

From training to in the ring, the Fairfax ‘Tight-Fit’ Muay Thai Boxing glove ticks all the boxes.

  1. Top King "Snake" Boxing Gloves

These sleek “snake” Top King Boxing Gloves are iconic for the brand with their design. 

These gloves are especially designed with a wraparound hook and loop wristband which is focused on making the glove fit much nicer than most others on the market.

They feature an aerated palm - this helps keep your gloves clean by allowing your hands to breathe, preventing that dreaded ‘stinky glove’ at the end of your session.

Available from 8oz to 16oz, these are great if you are after a glove that fits well, lasts long and much easier to keep clean than the competition.

  1. TKO Muay Thai Microfiber Leather Boxing Gloves

Maybe you’re on a budget, and that’s okay! We have you covered, the TKO Muay Thai Microfiber Leather Boxing Gloves tick all the boxes for a great all-round set of gloves for training.

Made in Thailand from micro fibre leather, you can trust the make and fit without thinking too much about the price tag.

Sizes range from 4oz to 16oz. Look no further if you are looking for an entry level glove which is high quality.

  1. Arwut Muay Thai Boxing BG2

Want to turn heads at the gym? Wants to stand out in the pack? The brand new, handcrafted to precision, Arwut May Thai Boxing Gloves are here!

Made in Thailand from premium cowhide leather, these top of the line gloves are perfect everyone. 

An additional layer of padding has been added to an already multi-layered padded glove. With air venting technology and superior breathability, they’re easy to keep clean and smelling fresh.

From 8oz to 16oz, these popular gloves will get you noticed while you are working hard!

  1. Kids / Junior AAA Boxing Gloves 6oz - Punch Equipment

As Whitney Houston once said “I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” 

Most world champions start young! Hook them up with nothing but the best. The AAA boxing gloves are perfect for any child getting started in Muay Thai. 

Built with injected mould padding and a full velcro solid safety wrist, these gloves live up to the saying, ‘safety comes first’.

Available only in 6oz these gloves do also come in black, red and pink, perfect for any child!


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