Muay Thai Shorts: Everything you need to know

Muay Thai Shorts: Everything You Need to Know

Muay Thai is a martial arts discipline that relies not only on the physical aspects of the sport but also the mental discipline that it endures, these two elements of the sport go hand in hand with choosing the right gear. At the core of Muay Thai is the traditional gear that reflects the sports heritage, and a big part of that is Muay Thai shorts. This guide covers not only the functionality of Muay Thai shorts but also fit, care and maintenance. 

What are Muay Thai Shorts?

Muay Thai shorts are strategically designed to reflect the rigorous demands of Muay Thai training and competing. You might have already noticed their vibrant Thai designs and shorter hemlines, as these allow fighters to gain full motion and freedom for better functionality when performing wider kicks and moves that Muay Thai is best known for. Not only are they specifically made for functionality, but they also carry the cultural significance and reflect this by featuring motifs and symbols that honor the traditional Thai heritage. 

How to Wear Muay Thai Shorts

How Should Muay Thai Shorts Fit?

How your Muay Thai fits on your body will impact the way in which you perform and the comfort you’ll feel through training and competing. It’s ideal that they should be sitting quite comfortably around your waist area without feeling too tight or restrictive and give you a full range of motion. The hemline around the thighs should give your legs a lot of room for movement so that your legs can bend freely by sitting higher on the thigh for mobility. 

How to Tie Muay Thai Shorts?

Ensuring you are tying your Muay Thai shorts correctly is crucial to making sure they stay in place when fighting. Start by adjusting the waistline around your hips, and pulling the string away from yourself to make sure they are at even lengths on both sides, then cross over the string in front of you and make a tight knot, then make a bow and secure the bow with another knot. This method will ensure security and comfortability when training or competing. If you notice that the Muay Thai shorts feel either too tight or too loose, then restart this method so they fit more comfortably to your own liking.

Care Guide: How to Wash Muay Thai Shorts

Making sure you are properly caring for your Muay Thai shorts when washing them will ensure they keep its look at longevity.

Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

Step One

Flip your shorts inside-out before you begin the washing process, as this will help with keeping the colour from fading. 

Step Two

Only wash your shorts in cold water on a gentle cycle. To avoid them losing their shape and color never use hot water. It’s best to use a delicate fabrics detergent as its designed to protect the material of the shorts.

Step Three

Always air dry your shorts and keep them uncovered and away from any sunlight. The direct sunlight or heat from dryers can affect the fabric over time and cause the colours to fade. We recommend hanging them in a well-ventilated space, as it helps preserve their condition.  

Why Are Muay Thai Shorts So Expensive?

You’ll usually notice the price tag of Muay Thai shorts being at the higher end of combat shorts, this is due to them usually being hand made in Thailand, have a greater craftsmanship with specialised designs and are made from better quality materials. Whilst also looking more aesthetically pleasing on the eye, they first and foremost need to withstand all the rigors of the sport that make the production process more intricate. And it’s also important to keep in mind that purchasing authentic Muay Thai shorts from brands such as Arwut, which are made in Thailand, supports the tradition and economy of Muay Thai in Thailand, which heavily justifies their high price tag. 

Here are 5 of our top traditional Muay Thai shorts, made in Thailand:

1.  Arwut Muay Thai Shorts "Carbon" Edition

2.  Arwut Muay Thai Shorts "Psychedelic Trippy Shrooms"

3.  Arwut Muay Thai Shorts "Hanuman".

4.  Arwut Muay Thai Shorts "Yaksha".

5.  Arwut Muay Thai Shorts Naga (Serpent Print)

Lastly, it’s important to walk away with the understanding of the right Muay Thai shorts fit, how to wear and take care of them properly, all whilst respecting the traditions of the heritage of the sport.