The Best Muay Thai Shorts 2024

The Best Muay Thai Shorts 2024

Muay Thai is well known for its deep rooted history of Thai heritage, it’s not only about showing your skill level and physical prowess; it’s systematically also been about showing a major respect for the sport by wearing gear that represents that. Choosing the right pair of shorts can make a world of difference in your range of motion, comfortability and lastly, your performance. As we move into the year of 2024, we wanted to dive into the best Muay Thai shorts and what makes them different from the rest. 

What Makes a Muay Thai Short GOOD?

Reason One: Material and Comfort

The best Muay Thai shorts will always be made from breathable materials such as nylon or satin as these are lightweight and offer the most movement. You’ll know if you find a good pair of Muay Thai shorts if they feel soft against your skin, with minimal chafing and allow you to kick high without catching on your thighs.

Reason Two: Design and Fit

A really good pair of Muay Thai shorts will always have a wider leg opening for the thighs with a secure drawstring waistband. This type of design ensures you have the most amount of movement when doing high kicks, to ensure the shorts stay exactly in place no matter what. In addition to this, they will have an authentic Thai design with lots of symbols and vibrant colours to respect the Thai heritage of Muay Thai as an art. 

Reason Three: Durability

Due to the rigorous nature of Muay Thai training and fighting, durability is key to a good pair of Muay Thai shorts. You’ll know if they are a high-quality pair of shorts if they are reinforced at the seams and edges to prevent them from tearing and they can be worn multiple times without fading and falling apart, if cared for properly. 

Best Overall Muay Thai Shorts

Arwut Muay Thai Shorts "Carbon" Edition

Arwurt is renowned for its Thailand made and traditional style of Muay Thai shorts, and these shorts are no exception. Being hand made in Thailand, these shorts are one of their more classic styles for the modern fighter and combine the features of a great pair of black shorts with lots of movement and a great fit. 

Best Overall Muay Thai Shorts (Alternate)

Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts - Fade Collection

Fairtex offers Muay Thai shorts that are comfortable and stylish whilst still giving you that high-quality look and feel to the material that are made in Thailand. They are known for their wide range of modern designs that are a go-to for fighters around the world.

Best Muay Thai Shorts for Men

Arwut Muay Thai Shorts "Yaksha".

These shorts are one that men like to gravitate towards due to it featuring the popular Ramayana mythology (an ancient Sanskrit epic) on the shorts that symbolizes strength, mystical power and fierce protection. Its thick elastic waistband helps it stay on the hips of wider men and the side slit gives it a greater range of motion. 

Best Muay Thai Shorts For Men (Alternate)

Muay Thai Shorts - BS1912 "Kabuki"

These shorts reflect its nod to tradition by showing a Japanese “Kabuki” face on the front of the shorts, and these symbolise the heavy stylised performance, much like Thai fighting. It’s made with micro satin fabric, so it provides high-quality materials and lots of movement when training or competing. 

Best Muay Thai Shorts for Women

Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts - BS1712 Vanorn

The Vanorn Fairtex shorts are a great traditional pair of Muay Thai shorts, as many female Muay Thai fighters, such as Stamp Fairtex,  have worn these shorts in the past fights. Their lightweight satin fabric makes them breathable and will give females a well rounded range of motion. 

Best Muay Thai Shorts for Women (Alternate)

Arwut Muay Thai Shorts "Psychedelic Trippy Shrooms"

These shorts are another popular choice amongst women in Muay Thai as their bright and bold colours reflect a more feminine style. Made in Thailand and individually stitched by master sewing machinists and are made to withstand the most intense training and savage matches.

When you are choosing the right pair of Muay Thai shorts, it’s always important to consider where they are made, as Thailand made shorts are usually the best choice as they support the economy of Thai fighting in Thailand. Always look at the materials and choose a short that is both comfortable and has a full range of motion. Whether you’re new to Muay Thai or a seasoned professional, the shorts above give you the best of what 2024 has to offer in Muay Thai gear.