How To Wrap your Hands For Muay Thai: Step By Step Guide

How To Wrap Your Hands For Muay Thai

Wrapping your hands for Muay Thai is a crucial step that all people should take when training and competing. Not only does it protect your hands and wrist from potential injuries but it also helps you be able to train harder and for longer. That’s why we put together a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to wrap your hands for Muay Thai to ensure you are doing it the right way for maximum support. 

Why Is It Important to Wrap Your Hands for Muay Thai?

There are several reasons why wrapping your hands is so important in Muay Thai, the first is that it creates full stability in the hands, wrist and joints to eliminate the risk of sprains and strains. The tight compression of the wrap will help to absorb any kind of shock from punching and kicking. This will assist with obstructing bones and tendons from any potential damage. Lastly, Muay Thai hand wraps will help to keep the knuckles aligned to reduce the risk of cuts and abrasions that may happen during intense training or sparring sessions. 

How To Wrap Your Hands for Muay Thai: Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Start with the Loop

  • Start by putting your thumb into the loop of the wrap and make sure it’s pressing up against your skin. 

Step 2: Wrap Your Hands & Wrist

  • Wrap around your wrist three to four times, depending on the length of your wrap and the size of your wrist. Ensure each layer is snug but not too tight, as this could cut off circulation or restrict movement.

    Start by spreading  your fingers wide and you're going to leave them wide throughout the whole process,  doing  this about three times. Making sure it’s  nice and loose. Once you've done this wrapping process three times, remove the wrap and  pinch it between your thumb and your finger and you're going to wrap it around again and secure it about a couple times.

    With your fingers wide now you're going to go down to the most important part which is your wrists and you want to prevent your wrist from moving to ensure minimal movement in your wrists, as this is where a lot of people get injuries.

Step 3: Proceed to the Thumb and Knuckles

  • After securing the wrist, bring the wrap up to the thumb and circle it once for added stability. Then, move across the back of your hand to the knuckles. Wrap around your knuckles three to four times, ensuring you cover them completely for protection.
  • So once you've secured the wrist you're going to secure the thumb by circling it once. and now you're going to go in between your fingers to protect your knuckles. Firstly, go through your pinky and repeat that with all the fingers until you are back to the thumb. 

Step 4: X Pattern for Stability

  • From the knuckles, bring the wrap down to the wrist in an X pattern across the back of your hand. This method secures the wrap and provides additional support to the wrist.

Step 5: Locking the Thumb

  • After creating the X pattern, take the wrap around your thumb once more, then back to your wrist. This step ensures your thumb is securely locked in place, preventing it from bending awkwardly during punches.

Step 6: Finish at the Wrist

  • Use the remaining length of the wrap to cover your wrist thoroughly. The goal is to reinforce wrist support. Secure the Velcro at the end of the wrap to ensure it stays in place during your training session.


Trial and error always comes into play when you are starting your journey to wrapping your hands for Muay Thai. But it’s important to always keep in mind that properly wrapping your hands will be the key to success in the practice of Muay Thai. Not only will it make you supported and secure during training and competitions, but it will also ensure your protection against potential injuries that might occur. Remember that you should always invest in high-quality hand wraps for Muay Thai as they will be the reason you can have prolonged sessions and will help boost your performance in the ring. 

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  3. Arwut Hand Wraps 180inches
  4. Boxing Quick Gel Hand Wraps (a quicker alternative to wrapping your hands)