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If you've been looking for some Protective Equipment to up your training game then Fight Gear Direct has what you need. We've got a wide range of Protective Equipment from many different brands and to suit all kinds of experience levels. Beginner, intermediate or pro, we can accommodate your training needs! Go ahead and check out our growing range below.

Protective equipment for boxing and Muay Thai is essential for serious fighters, whether for intense training or for professional matches.  Common protective gear includes headgear to protect the head and face, shin pads to protect the shins from hard kicks and legwork, belly pads to fend off kicks and punches, and groin guards to protect the oh-so-painful lower regions of the body.

Proper protective gear can help you be more mentally focused, knowing that you're safe and backed by top-quality protection during your training and bouts.  Quality gear is also helpful for your sparring partner, as they'll be able to release full-powered punches and kicks without fear of hurting you, in turn helping you (and them) develop higher levels of fitness and endurance.

See below for our range of protective gear, coming in a variety of colours, styles and sizes to suit all levels of boxers and Muay Thai fighters. 

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