Best Punching Bags For Muay Thai, Boxing & MMA

How to choose a punching bag for Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA

Punching bags. People generally think that all of them do the same thing. And they’re often surprised to find out that there are different types that serve different purposes. They’re one of the most important tools for your training and you want to choose one that truly fits your style and goals.

At Fight Gear Direct we broke down the different kinds. These will guide you in the right direction when it comes to fitting out your training space with a bag that will help you get the job done.

Best punching bags for Muay Thai

If Muay Thai is your thing, we recommend the Fairtex Punching Bag HB7 7ft Heavy Duty for a Muay Thai punching bag. Its design is low to the ground to work your kicks. Unlike many other punching bags, the design and weight of the bag keeps it from swinging too much so you can focus on developing your kicking power. 

You can also work your punches on the bag, but it may be too heavy to develop your punching power. Keep reading to see what we recommend if working your punches and boxing techniques is your priority.

Best punching bags for Boxing

A great overall bag for boxing is the 'Fairtex Heavy Punching Bag - 6ft 'Banana' (HB6)’. Unlike its cousin, the Heavy Duty punching bag, the ‘Banana’ bag is lighter and moves around more freely. This bag is great for developing general boxing skills. 

Its only downfall - working uppercuts could be a little difficult. So pair it with the Fairtex Super Tear Drop Heavy Punching Bag (HB15) so you can train specifically for those hits.

These two bags are designed with a ‘tear drop’ look and they stand much higher off the ground, allowing you to work the underside of the bag much more. This will allow you to add uppercuts to your routine and combos.

Best punching bags for MMA

So you want to bring your grappling and striking together and work on your MMA. All of the above punching bags are great for you to develop your striking. 

To work the ground-and-pound, a great MMA punching bag to use is the  'Fairtex Heavy Punching Bag - 6ft 'Banana' (HB6)’ mentioned above. Lay it down on the ground get to work! Drill around it, mix up some combos and work your elbows.

We also recommend the Free Standing XL 'BOB' Punching Dummy/Bag. ‘Bob’ is great as it gives you a human target to work your combos on, plus you can grapple with it too. 

There you go! Punching bags for every discipline. Before you go ahead and invest in a punching bag to compliment your training, ask yourself how you want to develop as an athlete. If you need a hand, we’re always around to help too!


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