Review of the Best Thai Pad brands on the Market

Review of the Best Thai Pad brands on the Market

Thai pads are an important piece of equipment when it comes to boxing. Used for training that involve kicks and knees, Thai pads are an essential piece when striking in class and are generally held by other members during training sessions. It's always an advantage to have your own gear for training sessions, and Thai pad are no exception.

Quality Thai pads will be light in weight but have heavy padding to offer protection in case of harder kickers and heavy build fighters. The light weight helps in moving the pads quickly, and thick padding provides extra protection. There are certain things that you need to consider when buying Thai pads.

• The comfort of the straps on your hands

• The weight of the pads

• Your expectations for the pads when you hold it for other members

In the search for the best Thai pads on the market, we have reviewed two top products: Fairtex Thai pads and Punch equipment Thai pads below, to help you make an informed decision.

Fairtex Thai Pads

Fairtex Thai pads are the most versatile Thai pads on offer in the market today. The pads are reputed for their durability and are made of high-quality material to ensure that they last for years, even with heavy use. Fairtex Thai pads are lighter in weight but have heavy padding to add extra safety to the holder. The padded straps of the pads allow you to secure them tightly to your arms to prevent unsightly bruises.

The pads are perfect for medium and large build hands, smaller hands may find them to be a bit bulky. These Thai pads are recommended for heavy kickers and fast strikers. Fairtex Thai pads are definitely for those who are looking for durable, comfortable and versatile all-rounder pads.

Punch Equipment

Punch equipment is another favourite brand on the market, that manufactures a variety of Thai pads for different types of training. There are pads for home training sessions, fitness training sessions, as well as professional training.

The pads are available in straight as well as curved shapes and can be chosen depending on the training requirements. Punch Equipment Thai pads are sturdy and durable made of high-quality material to offer extra protection for the holder.

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Review of the Best Thai Pad brands on the Market

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