Why are Twins Boxing Gloves Popular among Beginners and Professionals?

Why are Twins Boxing Gloves Popular among Beginners and Professionals?

A good pair of boxing gloves along with stamina and discipline are crucial to perform well in Muay Thai. Whether premium or budget, boxing gloves are an investment as far as Muay Thai is concerned.

A good pair of boxing gloves offers excellent protection for the wrists and knuckles. Gloves made of high-quality material not only provide extra protection, but also last longer than inferior quality ones. Not all attractive boxing gloves are durable... but durability and functionality are crucial in the selection process, as well as size, comfort, fit and material.

There are several reputed brands on the market offering excellent protection and high quality materials. Twins boxing gloves are one of the popular boxing glove brands that are vouched by most of the gyms and trainers all over the world. We've reviewed Twins Boxing Gloves below to help you decide if they're right for you. 


Twins brand boxing gloves are manufactured in Thailand. The company has been manufacturing fighting gear for 60 years and are known for their high-quality products. They're well known and trusted by thousands of gyms and trainers all over the globe.


Twins Boxing Gloves are designed to fit the hand perfectly, without leaving any gaps. For many fighters, perfectly snug boxing gloves help bring about top performance. The gloves are not too tight either, making them both easy to wear and simple to remove. These gloves can be used for both Muay Thai and boxing. Twins gloves are available in different designs and colours, based on your requirements and personal style.


Twins gloves are widely used by both beginners and professionals. The extra thick foam padding in the glove facilitates heavy punches and has the right weight for hits. The thick, lightweight padding offers excellent protection for the knuckles.

Support to the Wrist

Wrist support is the most crucial aspect of Muay Thai or boxing. Lack of proper wrist support can result in wrist injuries. Twins boxing gloves offer good wrist protection compared to other gloves.


Twins gloves just need routine care to keep them odorless even after regular or heavy use. Twins gloves are easy to clean and maintain. You can also use a deodoriser for gloves, to keep them odour free.


Twins boxing gloves are one of the most reliable brands of glove, offering maximum protection to knuckles, hands, and wrists. The perfect fit and quality material makes them a favourite for beginners as well as professional boxers.

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Why are Twins Boxing Gloves Popular among Beginners and Professionals?

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