If you may be someone new to Boxing or Thai Boxing, you could wondering if you should wear hand wraps underneath your gloves. The answer is yes! Hand wraps are a great way to give support and protection to the hands and wrists, by reducing any kind of injury during training and competition.

This article will guide you through a step-by-step process of how to wrap your hands for boxing.

Why Do You Wear Wraps Under Boxing Gloves?

When throwing punches in boxing or any kind of grappling in Muay Thai or MMA your hands and wrists will be exposed to a fair amount of pressure and impact. Therefore hand wraps give your hands and wrists a layer of protection, by absorbing some of the impact by reducing the likelihood of injuries. They also give support to the wrists through helping with the prevention of straining and sprains.  

Step-by-Step Wrapping Guide

  1. Use the Right Equipment

When starting to wrap your hands, its important to ensure you are using the right equipment. Firstly, you'll need a pair of Hand Wraps, which can be found at Fight Gear Direct. We highly recommend these Pro Boxing Hand Wraps or the Arwut Hand Wraps 180inches, which are our two best selling hand wraps. 

  1. Start at the Thumb

Begin to unroll the hand wrap all the way to the end with the thumb loop. Then place your thumb through the thumb loop, so it's looped on the back of your hand.

  1. Wrap It Around Your Wrist

Slowly wrap the the remainder of the material around your wrist, making sure you cover the bone at the botoom of your thumb. Then, keep wrapping it around your wrist, slowly making your way up to your palm.

  1. Cover Your Palm

So once you have wrapped around your wrist a few times, begin to cover your palm. Wrapping the material over the top of your hand and then around your fingers, making sure to leave the knuckles exposed.

  1. Secure Your Fingers

Next, slowly wrap the material in between your fingers, making sure to separate them with the wrap. Doing this will help to provide some additional cushioning for the knuckles. Then continue to wrap it around your wrist and over the top of your hand until the wrap ends.

  1. Secure The Wrap

To finish up, wrap the end of the wrap around your wrist and secure it with the Velcro closure. Making sure the wrap is tucked tight but not too tight, as you can risk restricting your hand circulation.

And that's it folks, you have successfully wrapped your hands and are now ready to train or compete for MMA. One thing to remeber is to check the rules of your gym or place of competition, becuasr there may be different regulations when it comes to wrapping hands.

Just know that hand wraps are an essential tool for those who train or compete in Boxing. Because they give support and protection to your hands as well as your wrists, to reduce any kind of risk on injury. Be sure to follow this step-by-step guide so that you can be sure your wrapping your hands the right way, that way you can spend more some on refining your technique and reaching your goal of being a fighting champion.