Best Skipping Rope For Boxing

Now if you're a boxer, you'll completely understand the importance of incorporating skipping rope in your training routine. Skipping rope one of the best  cardiovascular exercises you can do to improve footwork, timing, and coordination. But not all skipping ropes are created equally. In this blog I'll take you through everything you need to know about choosing the best skipping rope for boxing.

<h2> How long should a skipping rope be for boxing? </h2>

The length of your skipping rope is everything and it determines how well and also how long you will be able to skip. If your skipping rope length is too short, you'll risk tripping over it, and if it happens to be too long, then it'll slow you down. The general rule of thumb for choosing the right length of a skipping rope is by stepping into the middle of the skipping rope rope with both feet centred, and bring it up so the handles should reach your armpits. This will give you a round about length for how long your skipping rope should be. If you happened to have too long of a rope, one thing you could do to shorten it is by tying knots up towards the handles.

<h2> Different types of skipping rope </h2>

There are three main types of skipping ropes to think about when choosing the right one for your boxing training: fitness skipping ropes, ball bearing skipping ropes, and speed skipping ropes.

<h3> Fitness Skipping Ropes </h3>

Fitness skipping ropes are great for beginners who are just starting to include skipping rope into their workout routine. Made from lightweight materials, their handles are typically cushioned for added comfort to anyone using them. They're great for slow, steady skipping and make them ideal for anyone starting out.

We recommend the Urban Wire Speed Skipping Rope or the  BIGMAN Fitness Skipping Rope (with Bearings) for anyone wanting affordable fitness skipping ropes to add to their training collection.

<h3> Ball Bearing Skipping Ropes </h3>

Ball bearing skipping ropes are specifically designed for boxers who want to take their training to the next level. Ball baring handles help increase the speed of the rope, allowing you to skip faster. The also help increase endurance and improve footwork.

We recommend the Fairtex Skipping Rope with Ball Bearings - ROPE3 as this is a really high-quality skipping rope that helps achieve endurance goals. 

<h3> Speed Skipping Ropes </h3>

Speed skipping ropes are great for agility and foot speed in experienced boxers. These skipping ropes are super lightweight, so the thin rope moves quickly through the air, allowing for fast and more efficient skipping. Speed skipping ropes are perfect for boxers who are looking to improve their footwork and coordination for training and competing. 

We recommend the Twins Special Pro Skipping Ropes and the  GND SR Speed Skipping Rope // Single Ball Bearing these two skipping ropes are used by athletes who compete and train. 

<h4> Weighted Skipping Ropes <h4>

Weighted skipping ropes are used by some boxers in their training routine. The weighted handles increase the intensity of your workout and provide tension and weight to the hands to build on arms and shoulder strength. They help increase endurance in your arms and shoulders, and they also help to improve your overall skipping technique. Keep noted that weighted skipping ropes are challenging for some to use, and I don't recommended them for beginners.

We recommend the Adidas Skipping Rope Leather/Weighted,  GND Weighted Skipping Rope or to give you a variation to lengths the  GND Bone Grip Weighted Skipping Rope which mimics the indents of your hand for additional comfort when skipping.

Finally, choosing the best skipping rope for boxing training can be a challenge, but it's crucial to add to your training routine. Just remember to choose a skipping rope that's the right length for you, and your height, and to also consider the different types of skipping ropes that are available online at Fight Gear Direct to find the perfect one for you. Incorporating skipping into your boxing routine, you'll see an improvement in your footwork, timing, and coordination, making you a better boxer overall!