Shin Guards for Boxing & MMA

In today's blog we'll be running through the use of boxing shin guards and MMA shin guards, as well as the most effective shin guards that can be used in each sport to achieve overall protection and comfort so you can be the best in the ring. 

So let's talk about shin guards. What are they?
Shin guards are a  protective piece of equipment worn over the shin as well as the foot to protect against strikes from your opponent during sparring or competition. It is by far one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any combat sport that involves kicking, such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA.

One this to consider when choosing a pair of shin guards, is how they should fit. Shin guards should fit snug over your shin and foot, without feeling too tight or restrictive. If they are shifting around during movement, this will cause discomfort and potentially leave your shins exposed. So avoid this at all costs.

Specifically for Muay Thai it is important to choose shin guards that fit you well and offer good overall protection. This is because Muay Thai fighters use their shins to strike their opponents, and doing this without proper protection can lead to serious injuries.

For kickboxing we recommend our Twins Special Muay Thai Kickboxing Shin Guards (SGL-10)

For Muay Thai we recommend the Twins Special Muay Thai Kickboxing Shin Guards (SGL-10)ARWUTArwut Muay Thai Shin Guards SG3 or the TOP KINGTop King "Pro" Leather Shin Guards.

For MMA we recommend the RDX - KARA MMA SHINGUARDS KARA or the Punch Shin Pads - Punch Equipment.

Now, when putting on your shin guards, you need to make sure that they are sitting in the right place on your leg. They should cover your entire shin and extend down to cover the top of your foot. The straps should also be tightened securely, but not too tight as this may cause your leg to become restricted.

Let's now get into the importance of wearing them in combat sports.

Shin guards in boxing are not typically worn, because the focus is primarily on the delivery of punching techniques. However, in MMA and other combat sports that involve striking, such as Muay Thai and kickboxing, shin guards are an essential piece of protective gear, and everyone who is fighting should be wearing them.

In Muay Thai, shin guards are incredibly important, as fighters often use their shins to deliver powerful kicks and strikes to their opponents. Doing this without proper protection, can lead to very serious injuries and even long-term damage to the shins.

Alongside protecting against strikes, shin guards can also help prevent accidental injuries that may happen during sparring or competition. By covering the shin and foot, you can prevent accidental kicks or strikes that may occur during training or competition.

Finally, if you are training in any combat sport that involves striking, such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, or MMA, wearing shin guards is an essential part of your safety and protection. When choosing a pair of shin guards, make sure they fit well and provide adequate protection. By doing so, you can help prevent injuries and stay safe while training and competing.