How Should Boxing Gloves Fit?

There’s one crucial piece of gear when it comes to boxing, and that is the right pair of boxing gloves. Gloves that fit properly make for a comfortable, protective and high-performing fit. This is a guide for fighting the perfect boxing glove fit and how to ensure you pick the right boxing gloves.

Why Proper Fit Matters
Boxing requires precision, power and full control. So when boxing gloves are ill-fitting you run the risk of hindering your performance or could result in an injury. Here is why you need proper fitting boxing gloves:
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Hand Protection Using Hand Wraps
Fitted gloves provide the necessary cushioning and support to protect your hands from strikes and impact. If you notice the gloves you have at the moment run on the bigger side of things, then it's best to start wearing boxing hand wraps under your boxing gloves to fill out some of the space and provide more comfort when boxing. This will also prevent potential injuries like fractures, sprains, reduce friction, and wick away sweat.
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Check the Closure
Most boxing gloves usually have a closure which will either be lace or velcro. When trying on your boxing gloves ensure that the closure allows for a secure fit around your wrist. The boxing gloves should feel snug and comfortable to wear.

Hand Size
Begin by measuring your hand’s circumference, and use the sizing chart below to assist you with choosing a size. This will help you choose a boxing glove that fits your size range.

Regular Maintenance
Even great fitting boxing gloves can deteriorate over time due to the the obvious wear and tear with excessive use and sweat. But keeping your boxing gloves clean and dry after each use will prolong the lifespan and it will maintain its shape and fit. 

Lastly, the fit of your boxing gloves is not something to keep overlooking, as it can affect your performance and safety as a fighter. By doing regular maintenance with your boxing gloves you’ll be able to give them a longer lifespan and maintain their shape and fit.