Buying Fight Gifts On a Budget

Affordable Boxing/ Muay Thai Gloves

Boxing gloves are one of the most important pieces of gear you need for training in the sport. But sometimes boxing and muay thai gloves can be freaking expensive. But did you know you can get affordable gloves with exactly the same quality, durability and features as some of the more expensive brands.

Budget Boxing and Muay Thai gloves could include the  Adidas Hybrid 25 Glove Blue Morgan Classic Boxing Gloves V2 or the  Pro Bag Busters Commercial – Bag Boxing Mitts - Punch Equipment, which are all for under $60.

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Focus Mitts

The best way to enhance your training sessions is with buying someone focus mitts, not only is it a great gift for working on accuracy and skills, but they are exceptionally affordable. They are super light weight and are easy to just throw into your gym bag to practice sparring with a friend or gym buddy. We provide a high range of budget-friendly focus mitts that come in high-quality materials and are durable enough to last you a long time, making them a good addition to any fighter's kit. 

Budget focus mitts could include the  Urban Focus Pads V30 - Punch Equipment URBAN BOXING FOCUS PADS – EASY ON/OFF or the  Morgan V2 Classic All Purpose Pre-Bent Focus Pads (Pair) which are all for under $60.

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Skipping Ropes

Skipping ropes are an extremely underrated piece of equipment for improving your overall fitness level and are great for leveling up your footwork. They make an awesome gift for anyone you know, as they are very useful and easy on the wallet. They are great for intense training sessions when you just need that extra kick, as well as being lightweight and easy to throw in the gym bag. 

Budget skipping ropes include the  Urban Wire Speed Skipping Rope Adidas Skipping Rope Leather/Weighted or the  BIGMAN Skipping Rope (with Bearings) which are all under $40. 

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Recovery Products

Anyone training in any kind of fight sport such as Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA will understand the importance of recovery, so buying someone a recovery product will ensure they are taking care of their muscles after training. 

Budget recovery products include the  GND Foam Roller // Black Speckle GND Spiky Ball or the  GND Foam Roller, which are all all under $35.

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Fight Gear Add-Ons

Fight gear add-ons are a great gift for the person who ‘has everything’. These small and affordable add-ons will help them build out their fight gear kit with all the added extras they need to excel at Boxing, Muay Thai and boxing. 

Budget fight gear add-ons could include  Muay Thai Ankle Guard Support Cobra Gel Mouth Guard or  Adidas Boxing Sleeveless T-Shirt – Black


Lastly, shopping for someone who loves fighting sports shouldn’t have to burn a hole through your wallet. Shop smarter, not harder and always look for alternatives to products that are higher end, because at the end of the day it’s not alway about the price of the product that matters, what matters is the features and benefits that the product provides.