What Gear Do You Need for Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a highly dynamic combat sport that includes a mix of both boxing and martial arts. If you’re a beginner looking to start kickboxing for the very first time or if you’re a seasoned professional, buying the right gear is crucial for ensuring your own safety and assists in enhancing your performance. So, here's a guide for you to understand what gear and equipment you need for kickboxing. 


Boxing gloves are a completely fundamental piece of equipment for kickboxing as they protect your hands and wrists during striking. For those who are starting kickboxing we recommend starting with 12-16 oz gloves, which will give you sufficient protection and padding. As you progress, you can start looking at some more premium gloves for bag work and sparring.

We recommend the Fairtex Boxing Gloves (BGV1) or the Twins Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai (BGVL-3).

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Hand Wraps

We highly recommend hand wraps for hand, knuckle and wrist support when kickboxing. As they add a level of protection and minimize the risk of injury when training and competing. 

We recommend two options, the Boxing Hand Wraps or the Fairtex Handwraps HW2

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Much like muay thai kickboxing shorts are designed for comfort and comfortability as they should be loose, airy and allow for full motion. You should alway look for shorts that are airwicking as well as keep you cool when training.

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Shin Guards

Shin guards are crucial for protecting your shins from the impact of kicks and blocks when fighting against your opponent. They also minimize the risk of injuries and abrasions.

We recommend the Twins Special Muay Thai Kickboxing Shin Guards (SGL-10) or the Top King "Pro" Leather Shin Guards.

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While headgear may not be necessary for all kickboxing training, it's a valuable addition, especially for sparring sessions. Headgear provides protection for your head and face, reducing the risk of cuts, bruises, and concussions. Invest in quality headgear with ample padding for optimal safety.

While headgear might not seem necessary to some people when it comes to boxing, but I would highly recommend it as an addition to sparring sessions. Head gear can provide you with face, head and skull protection, as well as avoid bruising, concussions and cuts to the face. 

We recommend the Twins Special Muay Thai / MMA / Boxing Full Face Sparring Headguard (HGL-3) or the Redesigned Head Gear with Nylon Face Bar by Cleto Reyes

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Lastly, having premium gear for kickboxing makes for a safer and more enjoyable training experience. Investing in good quality gear will ensure you are training and fighting to enhance your performance in and out of the ring. 

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