Best MMA Gloves and Brands for Beginners

So you want to bring your grappling and your striking together and enter the world of MMA?

The first piece of equipment you will be looking at getting yourself is a good pair of MMA gloves. If you are wondering what pair of gloves is perfect for you, you have come to the right place!

How to Choose the Best MMA Gloves

A lot goes into choosing the best pair of MMA gloves. It comes down to the goals you want to achieve and your experience in MMA.

The two types of MMA gloves you will find in the market are lightweight gloves used for competitions and training gloves which are designed with more padding to let you train safer and for longer periods of time in the gym.

Whether you are a beginner or pro, your gym bag should always have a pair of training gloves in them ready for any session.

Best MMA Gloves for Beginners

As a beginner you will be doing minimum sparring and most of your training will be  drilling techniques on a partner and using a boxing bag. So a good quality well rounded pair of gloves will be your best option. 

Things to keep in mind when looking for the best MMA gloves for you include. Is the size of the glove going to fit your hand? Have a look for a sizing chart if available, to make sure the gloves will comfortably fit your hands.

Look for a trusted brand. This way, you will know the gloves will last through your training sessions and maintain their quality. Seeing what your training partners wear and reading online reviews are a great way to source trusted brands.

For training sessions, the MMA gloves you will use can go by different names, such as grappling gloves or training gloves. These gloves have a lot more padding and are safer to use with a training partner and for bag work. 

Competition MMA gloves generally weigh much less (around 4 ounce) than training MMA gloves due to less padding. These types of gloves are typically paired with appropriate hand wraps and tape depending on the rules of the fight.

We don’t recommend using 4 ounce gloves for training for your own protection, however.

Best MMA Glove Brands

At Fight Gear Direct we only keep the best brands on hand for you!

Through trial and error and lots of use, we have put together our top brands of MMA Gloves.

These are the names to watch…


Best-sellers for good reason! They feature a full open palm design with separated finger pads for superior control. The tight-fit hand compartment is designed to fit the contours of your hands perfectly.


These MMA Training Gloves are ideal for general training, boxing, grappling, padwork, circuits and MMA. Designed from top quality materials and guaranteed to last even the most strenuous sessions.


RDX MMA grappling gloves offer ultimate fortification for fighters’ hands, made to shield against every jab, hook or hammer fist whilst improving punch technique in training.

We hope this has made your decision a little easier when it comes to purchasing a pair of MMA Gloves.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference, and it’s worth trying different pairs to see which one pairs up best with your style of training. 


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