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Staying at home?  Don't let your boxing technique and fitness slip away.  Instead. get the best gear for your home boxing setup, with free standing boxing bags, deals on gloves + pad combos, and more.

If you're boxing at home, we have a range of boxing gloves, punching bags, dummies and other boxing gear that can help you stay in shape, keep improving your technique and build your endurance, from the comfort of your own home or garage gym.  We offer the highest-quality gear on the market, including the big-name brands like Fairtex, Twins Special and Punch Equipment.


We've heard from several customers that being at home can be one of the toughest times to keep up motivation, especially if you're accustomed to boxing at a gym, with a trainer, with friends, and/or with a group.  As such, getting equipped at home with the best gear possible is a huge step forward in making it easy, fun and rewarding to train at home and keep up your fitness and boxing technique. 

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Some of the most soughtafter 'at-home' boxing gear includes:

  • Punching bags:  These allow you to punch, kick, elbow and uppercut for as long or as little as you want. They're quiet, can be affixed, hung or placed in a variety of ways (depending on which model suits your home or garage) and provide sturdy support for improving your technique or just getting in a great workout.
  • Gloves: Always a boxing essential, high-quality gloves can make or break your boxing workout.  Buy the best to set yourself up for success in training with others, by yourself, in a group, at the gym, at home or for competition. 
  • Punch and kick shields: Perfect if you're training with a roommate, partner or neighbour, kick shields allow you to really put power into your kicks for a full-on workout, as well as improve your technique.