Review of Fairtex Shin Guards

Review of Fairtex Shin Guards

Shin guards offer protection to the shin area and are crucial when you are practicing any type of martial art. The shin guards should be made of quality material and should keep the area secured to serve the purpose of wearing them. As such, it's super important that shin guards are selected carefully to prevent getting hit in the shin area.

There are several brands of shin guards out there on the market, but trainers prefer the most durable and the most safe. So what are they?

Fairtex is one of the most highly-reputed manufacturers of fight equipment for Muay Thai. The products are manufactured in Thailand and are knownfor manufacturing quality products for nearly five decades now.

Thai gloves, shin guards, knee pads, and elbow pads are some of the most popular fight equipment produced by Fairtex. There are several types of shin guards produced by Fairtex, specialising in Muay Thai style shin guards. The shin pads are available in different sizes and colours.


The shin guards from Fairtex are sleek and light in weight but offer excellent protection. The colours of the equipment are subtle and are available in white, black, blue and red. The brand name Fairtex is printed on the back side of the shin pad. The edges guards are covered by black piping.

High-quality material

Fairtex shin guards are made of synthetic leather called Syntek. The leather used is durable, and the feel is similar to that of pure leather. The material used is flexible for maximum comfort. Shin pads used only for sparring and do not wear out quickly, but the double layered foam used by the Fairtex will not only protect the shin area from bruises but also make them last longer.


The shin pads are designed to provide excellent protection without causing any discomfort when sparring. Fairtex shin guards are comfortable and are designed to fit snuggly onto the leg without restricting the movement. The raised curve under the knee offers extra protection and does not overlap knees causing discomfort.


Fairtex shin guards are durable, offering great protection to the shin area and are designed to fit perfectly to avoid discomfort.

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Review of Fairtex Shin Guards

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