Does Skipping Improve Your Boxing Skills?

Does Skipping Improve Your Boxing Skills?

Skipping stopped becoming a playground pastime years ago when it became a training essential fighters began to reach for to enhance their boxing abilities in and outside of the ring. Legends of the game like Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather, for year have sworn by the kinds of benefits of consistently skipping. So, why is this simple, yet effective, form of exercise so crucial to fighters who are training? Let’s discuss the ways in which boxing can totally enhance your boxing skills and what types of ropes you can purchase to get you there. 

Cardiovascular Health & Fitness

One of the most highlighted benefits of skipping is the complete shift you can see in your cardiovascular health. Increasing your cardiovascular system means you will improve your longevity in the ring, with an increase in energy levels, meaning that you won’t be out of breath faster. Overtime, your heart rate will increase to promote heart health and oxygen to the muscles. With all of this combined you’ll see yourself lasting longer in the ring, with more stamina during intense training sessions. 

Hand-Eye Coordination & Footwork

Skipping requires the connection between your eyes, hand and feet in rhythm. However, consistency and regular training when skipping will help improve your hand-eye coordination which will benefit your timing and precision when fighting against your opponent in the ring. As well as the repetition of timing your jumps with the rope, helps enhance your footwork. This kind of agile footwork creates the agility to move quickly on your feet and not put too much weight on the heels of your feet which can slow down your movements when competing or training.


Boxing requires the skill of endurance for you to be really great at the sport. Skipping is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout that challenges the body to push out the level of effort you have for an extended length of time, much like a boxing match. By adding skipping to your training sessions you are helping to condition the body to withstand long intense training sessions with less fatigue. Doing this repetitively and consistently over a period of time will build up your endurance which will allow for you to train longer and harder. 

Strength & Conditioning

On the outside skipping might look like a primarily cardio exercise, it actually plays a big role in helping strength and condition your whole body. Consistent skipping with both a weighted and a speed rope will tone your entire body from your legs, arms all the way to your shoulders. It improves the endurance in muscles which is necessary for boxers when they are required to keep their hands and arms up to protect their face. Skipping also strengthens your joints and bone density, which will help with reducing the risk of injuries that can occur during boxing matches and in training sessions.

What are the Best Ropes for Skipping?

Now that we’ve covered all the benefits of skipping for boxing, let’s now run through the best types of skipping ropes to reap the benefits:

Speed Ropes

Speed ropes are super lightweight and are specifically designed for fast rotation and quicker jumping, making them amazing for improving your cardiovascular health and agility. Due to their quick speed, they make for the perfect piece of equipment for a high-intensity exercise to add to your training sessions. 

As for speed ropes, we recommend the GND Single Ball Bearing Speed Skipping Rope as they have been specially designed to fit the mould of your fingers for a better grip and less slipping. Another popular option is the Twins Special Pro Skipping Ropes as it’s a great quality rope that has been a top pick for boxers around the world for years. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the Urban Wire Speed Skipping Rope by Punch equipment is a great option for someone looking for a decent rope that doesn’t break the budget. 

Weighted Ropes

Weighted ropes offer the exact same benefits as a speed rope, but they add an element of control and resistance to your training sessions. Because they are heavier, they help sculpt the arms and shoulders by building more strength and muscle in those areas, those being important to boxers. 

For weighted ropes, we recommend the GND Bone Grip Weighted Skipping Rope, as it comes in a range of lengths, which allows you to find the perfect fit when training. Skipping with this rope for 10 minutes a day can drastically improve your concentration, decrease our fatigue in the ring and enhance your stamina. 

By incorporating skipping for at least 10-15 minutes a day as a regular habit you can add to your training routine, watch and see the dramatic changes it can make to your overall health and fitness. Backed by years of research and studies, skipping can benefit you in so many ways and it is as simple as jumping on the spot to improve a range of health and fitness related areas.