Do Sauna Suits Work?

Do Sauna Suits Work?

Over the last 5 years sauna suits have increasingly gained popularity as it has seen to assist with weight loss and enhancing performance. But do sauna suits actually deliver those promised benefits? This blog dives into all your unanswered questions about sauna suits, such as their benefits, the potential outcomes of wearing them and what kinds of drawbacks they have. 


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What is a Sauna Suit?

Definition of a Sauna Suit

A sauna suit is a garment that is specifically designed to trap in ones body heat and increase a persons perspiration whilst doing physical activity. It’s waterproof materials was developed to assist with weight loss but they are now used by athletes and health lovers everywhere to amplify every workout and sauna session.

History of Sauna Suits

The concept of using excessive heat to induce sweating for therapeutic means dates back centuries ago. Where sauna suits were initially made for athletes in training for them to quickly and effectively shed water weight before their competitions. After many studies into them it has been found that they offer many other health and fitness benefits. 

How Sauna Suits Work

Sauna suits work by building a microclimate around the body which generates heat when working out and as the heat gets trapped inside, the body temperature increases. Once the persons body temperature rises it causes excessive sweating and the process of this is has seen to lead to temporary weight loss through detoxing the fluids out of the body. 

The Science Behind Sauna Suits and Weight Loss

As most of us know, or have now found out that sauna suits causes potential weight loss, primarily through fluid loss as your body sheds body sweat at a faster rate than usual. The rapid sweat loss causes the body to shed water weight, which causes a temporary decrease of weight when you check using body scales. However, it’s important to note that this ‘loss in weight’ is not the same as fat loss, and can be regained once the body is rehydrated. 

The Risks of Using Sauna Suits for Weight Loss

An excessive use of a sauna suit can cause dehydration in the body, as well as electrolyte imbalances and potential over heating. If you use sauna suits unsafely, it may also compromise your health and performance ability. 

Sauna Suit Myths

Addressing common misconceptions about sauna suits and their effectiveness.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Sauna suits can stimulate the cardiovascular system, by mimicking the effects of cardiovascular exercise and potentially enhance heart health.

Increased Flexibility

Heat created by a sauna suit can help with relaxing muscles and increase your flexibility but bordering your range of motion during exercises. 

Reduced Inflammation

Heat therapy from wearing a sauna suit may assist in reducing the soreness in muscles as well as inflammation after highly intense workouts.

Enhanced Recovery from Workouts

Increased blood flow combined with heat may promote a speedier recovery through assisting in muscle relaxation and nutrient transportation. 

How to Use a Sauna Suit Safely 

How Long Should You Wear a Sauna Suit?

When wearing a sauna suit, it’s important to note that the longer you wear the garment, you increaser the risk of dehydration of the body and potential overheating. You should limit the wearing of our suit to 15-30 minutes. 

How Often Should You Use a Sauna Suit?

We would recommend using a sauna suit a couple of time a week during more moderate-intensity workouts is much safer than frequent. 

What to Do If You Feel Faint or Dizzy

If you start experiencing dizziness, feel light headed or have any kind of difficulty breathing then you should remove it immediately. Then you should rehydrate and cool your body down. 

Lastly, sauna suits can assist with temporary weight loss through the fluid you detox out of your body and offer potential benefits such as better cardio vascular health, flexibility and post-workout muscle recovery. However, there can be risks associated with wearing them such as dehydration of the body and dizziness. You should always talk to a medical profession to see if sauna suits are best for you, taking into consideration your safety and moderation. 

Please note that this is not medical advice and a healthy weight loss comes from a combination of balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and safe fitness practices.