The Best Speedball Training Drills

Being a master at speedball training is the key to level up your fighting skill set. The intensity of a speedball workout helps to enhance your hand-eye coordination, agility and precision making it a highly sought-out training essential for combat sports. Below is a comprehensive guide on why speedballs are important, it’s fundamentals and a range of drills suited to your skill level. 

What is Speedball?
Speedball is a piece of equipment used in combat sports to assist with increasing performance related to time, accuracy and fast movements. It involves hitting a suspended ball and using rapid punches to replace the unpredictable and fast-paced movements that they might endure fighting against an opponent. 

Why Train in Speedball?
Speedball training offers a multitude of benefits for fighting in combat sports as it enhances your hand-eye coordination, builds on your endurance and refines you reflexes. By incorporating speedball drills into your training routine you’ll help with mastering your foot work and combos. 

Essential Equipment for Speedball Training

The heart of speedball training lies in the choice of balls. Speedballs, available in various sizes and materials, determine the challenge level. Quality bats with a comfortable grip ensure effective strikes and optimal control.
Choosing between different types of bags mixes up your training every single time. Depending on your challenge level you can choose from a range of speedball equipment to ensure effective strikes and optimal control. For balls we recommend the Fairtex Speedball - SB1, Punch Trophy Getters Speed Ball or the 12” AAA Floor to Ceiling Speedball "Punch".

Appropriate Footwear
Choosing the right footwear when doing speedball training is crucial, because you want to look for shoes that are lightweight and supportive, that also allow you to move around effortlessly in.
There are two types of shoes, one being a martial arts shoe and the other being a boxing training shoe. We recommend the Punch Urban Cobra Boxing Shoes / Boots.

Beginner Drills

Fundamental Skills
Throwing punches and maintaining balance in stance is a fundamental skill that should be worked on as a beginner. Once you master that then you can start moving onto focusing on accuracy, rhythm and level up to more complex movements. 

Basic Training Drills
Ensure you are working on basic drills to sharpen your techniques. Start with single punches and slowly progress to combos. When you strike the ball, observe its movement and anticipate the rebounds.

Intermediate Drills

Developing Strategies
Advancing to strategic speedball drills where you versify your punching intensity and observe how the ball responds to your punches. This will replicate real sparring scenarios, by training you to prepare for real life dynamics. 

Teamwork Drills
Partner up with a mate for cooperative drills. Trial alternate striking the ball, as well as mirror each other’s movements. This will enhance your reaction time and brings in an element of controlled unpredictability.

Advanced Drills

Expert Techniques
Incorporate advanced techniques such as feints and slips into your speedball training sessions, as these techniques will refine your defensive skills and allow you to manipulate the ball's trajectory.

Competitive Drills
Once you advance in your speedball training, you should start doing more competitive drills, by setting a time limit for hitting the speedball and try to maintain a highly intense and accurate strike every single time.

Now that you know the ins-and-outs of speedball training you should start incorporating speedballs into your sessions to level up your skills. Where you are begging out or trained for years, speedball training in one you need to add your routine to enhance your performance in the ring.