Setting Fitness Goals For 2024

As we start a new year, there’s nothing like getting out the drawing board and setting new fitness goals to envision what your ‘new-self’ will be for 2024. Now is the best time to set goals for what you want to achieve when training for Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. At Fight Gear Direct, our team has all come from fighting backgrounds, so we understand how important it is to set goals early to achieve them in the new year. But not only is setting goals the key to transforming yourself, but it also requires the right tools to accomplish them. So let's dive into the fight gear products that will help you along the way. 

Goal: Improve Striking Precision Using Boxing Gloves

How this can be achieved is through doing shadow boxing sessions with high-quality boxing gloves to refine your stringing technique and ability. You should always focus on your accuracy and formation. Over time, you should increase speed and power as you become more fluid in moving around. Visualize your opponent standing in front of you to mimic how it would be in a real fighting situation. 

We recommend the  Fairtex Boxing Gloves (BGV1) Twins Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai (BGVL-3) or the  Arwut Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BG1

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Goal: Increase Endurance Levels Using Skipping Ropes

How this can be achieved is by utilizing skipping ropes in your training schedule by starting with manageable intervals, gradually increasing the duration and intensity. Use skipping ropes to enhance your footwork, as well as your coordination. Overtime, increase the intensity of your skipping by speeding up your skips and challenge yourself by experimenting with different modeled ropes (weighted or speed) to improve your technique.

We recommend the  Twins Special Pro Skipping Ropes GND Single Ball Bearing Speed Skipping Rope or the  Adidas Skipping Rope Leather/Weighted.

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Goal: Enhance Muscle Strength and Flexibility Using Resistance Bands

How to achieve this is through incorporating resistance bands into your training to target specific muscle groups. You can use them when performing resistance training like squats, lunges, lateral raises and so much more. You can practically add them into any kind of workout to build strength and improve flexibility. The thicker and more dense the band is the harder the resistance will be, so be sure to increase that over time. 

We recommend the  GND Fitness Resistance Bands // 5 Weight Options or the  GND Fitness Resistance Band Pack // 5 Band Pack

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Goal: Develop Hand-Eye Coordination and Speed Using Speed Balls

How you can achieve this is through training from 5x30 second rounds of continuous striking of the speed ball. This as a beginner will help improve hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Start out slow by controlling your movements and over-time increase your pace as you get better over time. Once you feel more confident, start amping up the time and rounds.

We recommend the  Fairtex Speedball - SB1 Punch Trophy Getters Speed Ball or the  12” AAA Floor to Ceiling Speedball "Punch"

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Lastly, as you take on your fitness goal for 2024 by using products that assist you with meeting those goals faster, remember to stay consistent. You will start to see a big transformation in your goals in Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA when you invest in good quality gear and stick to your goals.