How to Pick the Best Boxing Gloves

So you’re interested in entering the Boxing/Muay Thai World, and you’re wondering which boxing gloves to buy.  You search a little and find that there are more options and factors to consider than you ever dreamed. Don’t worry; we’re here to help!  We’ll take all those choices and break them down into a few bite-sized pieces that are easy to consider.


The first thing to consider is: what are the gloves for?  If they are for sparring, the minimum weight you should consider is 14oz, as those gloves have enough padding to protect your sparring partner (you do plan on keeping them around for more than one match, right?) and meet the requirements for tournaments.  Many tournaments require 16oz, so, if you are considering the 14oz size, check the requirements of the tournaments you might attend before buying.  16oz are a safe bet to be accepted anywhere.  We have size chart links on all our gloves to help you choose the right size. 

For bag training, you can get away with much lighter gloves, all the way down to 4oz.  If you are a beginner, definitely go with the heavier gloves – you will gain strength faster and greatly lower your risk of self-injury.  However, if you’ve got some experience and strength behind you, then consider the lighter gloves for greater speed and tactile feedback.

Punch Equipment Boxing Gloves - Black Diamond
Black Diamond Muay Thai Boxing Gloves - Punch Equipment

Note: do not use gloves for bags and sparring interchangeably.  Using gloves on bags will compress the padding, decreasing its effectiveness and making the gloves unsuitable for sparring.  If you want to do both, consider buying two pairs of gloves


The next things to consider is how well they fit - both when they are new and once they are broken in. All our gloves fair well here (we sell only quality products we ourselves recommend), as they start nice and snug and don’t loosen up much over time.

Fairtex F-Day Green Army Boxing Gloves (BGV11)


If you care about premium products, Fairtex is the most well-known and is considered the best.  For this, in retail stores it often commands a price premium.  However, most online stores carry them at competitive prices compared to other brands.  You can’t go wrong with top quality at average prices.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGV1)

However, if less important to you, Twin Special gloves are a formidable choice.  Even though the Thai market is flooded with different brands trying to vie for your dollar, Twins Special, a relatively new company at only 27 years, has managed to surpass most others by focusing on quality and using only the best materials.

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGVL-3)
Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGVL-3)


While Muay Thai comes from Thailand, that doesn’t mean you do!  You can honor this traditional sport but still show off your unique personality.  If you’re also from Australia (we’re a local Australian company operated by real Australians), show off your love of our country with some gloves bearing the Australian Flag.

Fairtex Australian Flag Aussie Pride Boxing Gloves (BGV1)
Fairtex Australian Flag Aussie Pride Boxing Gloves (BGV1)

If you’re not from Australia (or are, but flagrant displays of patriotism just aren’t your thing), we still got lots of stuff for you too.  Check these out!

Fairtex Thai Pride Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGV1)
Fairtex Thai Pride Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGV1)

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