What to Wear to Boxing Training

Boxing requires the right boxing training outfit to protect yourself from injuries as it is a high intensity sport and requires you to perform at your best.You're probably wondering what do boxers wear to train? Well, below is a complete guide on what you should wear to boxing training.

Boxing Gloves

As you know, boxing gloves are one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for training. It acts as a form of protection for your hands and wrists and help you hit harder. When you are choosing boxing gloves, you should consider your weight, age and skill level. Beginners should be looking for 12-16oz gloves that offer great hand protection and padding. We recommend the Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves by Punch Equipment, Adidas Hybrid 50 Boxing Gloves or the Fairtex Solid Black Microfiber Boxing Gloves (BGV14-SB).

While more more advanced boxers should consider heavier gloves that can be uses for training and competing. We recommend the Top King Super Star Boxing Gloves, Tilt 350 Pro Training Strap Blue Red White or the Adidas Adispeed Professional Boxing Glove With Strap.

Boxing Wraps

Boxing hand wraps are an essential piece of equipment for protecting your hands and wrists. They help with providing extra support, whilst also preventing injuries like sprains and fractures. Hand wraps come in a range of colours, lengths and materials. But you should always choose an option that best suits your own needs. We recommend the Boxing Hand Wraps, Fairtex Handwraps HW2 or the Arwut Hand Wraps 180inches.

Boxing Shoes

Boxing shoes help with quick movements and good traction when training and competing in boxing. Not only do they offer ankle support but cushioning to your feet. When choosing boxing shoes it’s important to look for lightweight shoes that fit great and have ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry. We recommend the Speedex 23 Boxing Boots – Black Red and the Punch Urban Cobra Boxing Shoes / Boots.

Boxing Shorts

Boxing shorts should always feel comfortable and fit right with motion. Always look for stretchy, lightweight and breathable material, so that you get the the best out of your training with less restriction. We recommend the  ADIDAS Combat Shorts Black and the Adidas Boxwear Tech Shorts. 

Boxing Shirts, Tees and Tanks

Boxing shirts should always be lightweight and offer you great comfort when training for boxing. Look for boxing shirts, t-shirts and tanks that give you a full range of motion as well as material that isn’t itchy or give you chafing. We recommend the Boxing is Life T-shirt, Adidas Community Boxing T-Shirt or the Boxing is Life Tank Top.

Lastly, it’s important to get the right gear for boxing so that your comfort and performance is number one. We offer a huge range of high-quality boxing gear to help you be the best boxer with the best equipment to enhance your skill level.